Ideal for single level trapezes

Once we receive the details of the support required, we will email back a quotation together with a non-scale drawing of your design which is also an approval form for you to check, sign and return with your order.

Once we have received your order and signed approval drawing we will begin the manufacture of your support bracket.

Depending on size, the support brackets will usually be delivered to site on pallets.

Method of Supply

Thrapezes are delivered fully assembled with all fixings left finger tight to allow for final on-site adjustment.


  • Pre-fabricated supports will eliminate all on-site cutting and the associated nuisance of noise and cutting debris.
  • Your engineers can begin to install immediately from the delivery pallet without the need to assemble the support.
  • All trapezes are delivered with the fixings “finger tight” to allow for rod rotation or final on-site adjustment required when installing.
  • Because the supports are complete - there are no shortages or surplus materials.
  • For threaded rod style trapezes, we can also fit the rod-top fixing if required. eg. Anchors, wedge nuts, spring nuts etc.
  • The pallets can be labelled with a size or site reference to ensure that they are routed to the correct installation area on site.
Unfortunately, once the supports are manufactured they are a non-returnable item, so please ensure all dimensions are checked on the approval form before ordering:

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