• Available in 41x41 (P1000T) and 41x21 (P3300T) channel profile.
  • Channel lengths from 150mm to 2000mm in 50mm increments.
  • “Push-to-install” design.
  • Ready for use “out-of-the-box” with the CADDY Rod Lock device and PVC end caps fitted.
  • Each TRAPEASY® is clearly labelled with a code number and maximum Uniform Distributed Loading.
  • No loose parts or extra tools required.
  • Designed for internal applications only with the channel “open-side” facing upwards.
  • DIN976-1 M10 threaded rod available in the following pre-cut sizes; M10x175, M10x200, M10x300, M10x400, M10x500, M10x600, M10x750, M10x1000, M10x1500, M10x2000, M10x3000.

One Rod Lock body has a 14mm lateral adjustment if required.

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To Other Installation Methods

  • Less time consuming than on-site production.
  • The more trapeze levels - the more time saved.
  • Only two components - drop rods and TRAPEASY® channels.
  • Easier to move around on site when compared to
    pre-fabricated option.
  • Larger sized trapezes can be installed by one person.
  • Less chance of damage in transit than pre-fabricated option.
  • No re-modelling or re-torqueing required when used in conjunction with wedge anchors.
  • No wastage when specification changes force a change in size.


  • TRAPEASY® channels will be banded in either packs of 5 or 10 depending on pack weight.
  • Each pack will have an installation guide attached.
  • Any threaded rod will be delivered as a separate bundle in the specified length together with any ceiling fixings required.