Ideal for single or multi-level trapezes

Simply send us the details of the trapeze you want to produce, and we will compile a complete list of all the component parts required.

All channel and threaded rod is pre-cut to your specified size and delivered together with the exact amount of fixings required for that support.

All the pre-cut channel and threaded rod ends are also de-burred and sprayed with galvanising paint.

Method of Supply

Trapezes will be delivered un-assembled with all fixings required. Channel and threaded rod is cut to size and ready to use.


  • Pre-cut channel and threaded rod eliminates the need for noisy and time consuming on-site cutting.
  • We supply exactly what you need - there are no shortages or surplus materials.
  • The delivery can be packed to make it easier for your site engineers. Tell us if small packs would be better for on-site handling.
    • Packages can be labelled if required to ensure they are routed to the correct installation area on site.
    • Sometimes things change unexpectantly. A change in dimensions does not always result in wasted material. In most cases we can exchange your unwanted items for the correct size.
    • If it helps, the cut channel can be ordered with the PVC end caps already fitted and the cutting swarf removed from each length.

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